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One way to keep track of the good that happens in a year

January 5, 2017

  Dear friends, As we are still in the first week of the year, I keep thinking of what could help us make this year a little bit better. And when I say this, I do not think about unrealistic bucket lists or general advice that will lead us nowhere. I am thinking of little…

How to have a good year – every year

January 1, 2017

Dear friends,   I wish you all a Happy New Year! But how can we really make this a happy, amazing year? I believe that dreams, hopes and bucket lists are not enough. And I wish there were a simple recipe that we could use every day to cook the perfect meal: success with a…

Do you want to be happier? I challenge you to be grateful!

November 25, 2016

Dear friends, As you probably know, the people from the USA are celebrating Thanksgiving today. (Yes, it is still November 24th in the US). And even though this is not a holiday in Romania, I think this is my favourite holiday. Why? I simply love the idea of celebrating gratefulness! So I thought I would…

The formula for getting rich – according to Earl Nightingale

August 27, 2016

How much time do you need to change your life? What if I told you that 19 minutes  are enough? Yes, that’s right! Just 19 minutes can have a big impact on you. Let me tell you how it happened to me.   A few months ago I found a video on YouTube that is called…

Are you a work of art in progress?

April 26, 2016

Dear friends,   Can you think of a hero or character that you admire? It can be somebody from a book, a comic book or a movie. It can be a real person that you consider a role model. It can be anyone from Tony Stark/Iron Man to Dalai Lama to Barack Obama. Just think…

Holding hands/hearts

February 4, 2016

“As long as you hold my hand, I feel like I can conquer the world”, she said. “Oh, I can rule it by myself”, he replied while walking away…   I often looked around and tried to understand people. I have not succeeded yet…We are all incredibly unique and amazing! It is fascinating how intricate…