What do you focus on?

December 1, 2016

  Dear friend,   What do you focus on most of your time? What has been on your mind since…

Do you want to be happier? I challenge you to be grateful!

November 25, 2016

Dear friends, As you probably know, the people from the USA are celebrating Thanksgiving today. (Yes, it is still November…

Book review: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

November 21, 2016

Dear friends, Do you know that, regardless of your current situation, you can learn how to become rich? You can…

Before writing your New Year’s Resolutions read this

November 17, 2016

Dear friends,   Can you believe that we are one month and a half away from 2017? Yet another year…

Do you want to be more successful? Start learning from the best – Bob Proctor

November 8, 2016

Dear friends,   Something pretty incredible happened a few days ago. I got the chance to meet Bob Proctor, one…

Grow on the go

November 2, 2016

Dear friend,   Have you realized how much time we spend moving around, going from one place to another? We…



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