A short reminder for the people who feel lost

Dear friends,


I think you will agree with me if I say that getting lost when you travel is exquisite. You misread a map or take a wrong turn and you end up discovering wonderful, impressive landmarks right in front of you. Or you wander off to some quiet, hidden spot where you can relax and take a breath of fresh air. And you smile and rejoice because you discovered a beautiful place by mistake. You take pictures and call it a stroke of luck or serendipity. And this turns out to be a great memory.


But getting lost in life is never as glamorous. If you take one or several wrong turns, you end up living the wrong life. And then one day, you wake up and feel like staying in bed for the rest of the day – or worse, for the rest of your life. You suddenly realize that you work on a job that brings you little satisfaction. You do tasks that feel like chores day in and day out. And you are always living for the weekend and for payday. You wonder if you could find a job that would excite and challenge you every day, or at least most days. You wonder if you should quit that job and look for a new one. Or you wonder if you should just fuck it all and start over by becoming an entrepreneur or travelling the world.

Some people hate their jobs, but still look forward to them. This is what happens when the job is the lesser evil because going back home is even worse. Maybe every day you go back to an empty house that was never a home. And just the thought of going there and spending the night by yourself seems to trigger your depression. Or maybe you live with controlling parents that insist on designing your life to make up for the fact that they could not control theirs. Or maybe you go home to a lover you may not love anymore. The honeymoon phase is over and you wonder what else is left. You fight and make each other suffer behind closed doors of different rooms.


And once again, you wonder if you should leave and where you should go. Or you convince yourself that you should stay because this is better than leaving. And you ask yourself where and when you took the wrong turn. You do not understand how you could have wandered so far from your set course. You started out with dreams and goals and the promise of living a great life. But here you are, wondering where you really are. You got so lost in this mess called life that you can no longer tell if you are getting closer to your dream life or farther away from it.


And by now you are probably wondering where I am going with this. So hear me out. In life, you can take many wrong turns. And some of them will even seem like the best. And even if you sometimes feel like everything is wrong, I am here to tell you that it is not! No matter how far away you are from your dream life, you are never too far to turn around. No matter how off-track your life seems sometimes, you can always find your way and get back on track. Or you can find a new direction altogether. That’s the beauty of it – sometimes life drags you in the wrong direction just because this is the shortest way to get to a new and better direction. And if you find yourself considering a different direction, have the courage to pursue it. You can always adjust and recentre. You can always choose a different path, always! Believe me, I got lost many time and I always found my way back.


And perhaps this is the best part of any mess – knowing that it holds a promise of hope.  No situation and no direction is 100% bad or wrong. So find the silver lining in your life right now. Make the best of it and readjust your course if you have to. It does not even matter where you are right now. Just stop for a moment, breathe in and be true to yourself: Where do you want to go?


Always yours,


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