United States of Amazing: Chapter 1 – Adventure is good for the soul


Dear friends,


Are you making the most of this beautiful summer? Do you wake up with a smile on your face just because the Sun is shining in the sky? Do you challenge yourself? If you do, please, carry on. If you don’t, I dare you to get out of your comfort zone! Leave your fears behind and start chasing your dreams. It is worth it. I promise. And you will find out why, if you keep reading.


Once upon a time, on a sunny summer day, the Universe created the perfect opportunity for an adventure. I spent my morning at work, cleaning and dusting – just like Cinderella. There was no ball in town that night and I had no fairy godmother endowed with magic powers.

However, I had the chance to find an unusual godfather here, in the US. Rene is 72 years old, but he is still young at heart. His kindness, wisdom and good humor are better than a magic wand.


He took me to the Camden Snow Ball – an amazing piece of heaven!
He wanted to swim in the lake, while I would go kayaking. If you’ve been kayaking before, you know how great it is. Well, for me it was terrifying at first! I cannot swim and getting into a kayak made me incredibly nervous, but I did not want to let fear cripple me. I decided to go for it (after I put on a life jacket!). This seemed like a true rite of passage.
It took me a few moments to learn how to paddle and turn.  I only started feeling at ease only after a few minutes. Once I started getting the hang of it, I wanted to go as far away as I could. I could feel the fear leaving my mind and body while a thirst for adventure was taking over.
When I got to the center of the lake, I looked around and everything was astounding: the blue sky dotted with puffy clouds, the little forest around the lake and the Sun – always shinning, always bold.


All of a sudden, I did not feel the constant need to run away anymore. I just wanted to be there, anchored in that place and time. I wanted to float and only move with the waves.
Maybe I had to lose sight of the shore to get a glimpse of my soul. I think that you can achieve harmony only if you find your true self. And the only place where you can be still enough to do that is in the heart of nature.

It felt surreally real. This new place in this foreign land is the only place where peace crept into my soul. I find it odd that I had to cross half the planet just to find myself. It seems like the journey we have to make to discover our souls is sometimes long and rough; still, it is the greatest journey of them all.


I will not tell you that I lived happily ever after – like everybody in fairy tales does. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. But I will tell you this – life is an adventure. Embrace it! If you are ever petrified, push through the fear. Find a way to be still in this world. If you ever feel the need to run away or escape, do that – the human soul needs places that were not built and reshaped by men. I dare you to seek everything that is hidden deep inside your soul! That’s the home you feel the need to run to. This summer, take a journey to the center of your soul!


Forever yours,

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