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"Happy by Choice" is a program aimed to help you control your negativity

and experience true happiness in your life.

Tell me this: are you happy with your life? Are you excited about the future? And if you aren’t, what’s holding you back on your pursuit of happiness?

I think that if you are not happy right now, the one who is responsible for that is…YOU. All I have learned and experienced made me believe that happiness can be destroyed and created by ourselves. However, we may need some help to learn how to stop sabotaging ourselves and work on our happiness. That’s why this program exists!

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The aim of “Happy by Choice” is to help you:

  • understand your negativity
  • learn to manage your negative thoughts
  • find ways to live a happier life

How does it work?


Read the lessons to learn more about how your brain works, what causes negativity and happiness


Answer the questions and do the exercises after each lesson


Implement what you are learning to experience more happiness

What does the program include?

9 lessons with information based on works of psychologists, research studies and my personal experience

9 sets of practical exercises and questions to help you better understand and apply what you are learning