My dear friends,


As it happens every autumn, the cold started to make its way into our homes; but I hope that it did not creep into our hearts as well. If that were to happen, we can always look to the sky because the Sun will always be there to shine its light on us. Or we can just look into our hearts and we might find there everything we need.


Honestly, I love the Sun! I love how it warms up the entire Earth throughout summer. I love how its warmth pierces my skin and reaches my soul. Honestly, the Sun means more than just a star in the sky for me – it is a symbol of energy, warmth and beauty. It signifies happiness, fulfillment and power and that is what I am trying to reach in my life. As a young soul, I am still trying to pursue various goals while striving to find my balance. Join me in my quest for freedom, power and success. Let’s pursue happiness, cultivate our minds and feed our souls. We are not immortal and I think that we should try to find our own ways in life and have the courage to forge our own destinies. I have not found the secret formula that can make all your dreams come true, but if I do, you will read all about it on my blog. Until then, I will write about anything and everything that is on my mind – it might be on yours too!


Yours faithfully,


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