The Sunshine Review is changing!


The Sunshine Review started as a personal blog a few years ago. Since then, it has changed in a way that reflected the changes I made in my life and my interests. And now, I feel like it’s time for another change.


Reflecting on The Sunshine Review

A year and a half ago, I decided to use this website and its social media channels to talk about depression and happiness. At the time, I was struggling with my own depression and my desire to find a way to be happy again. I gradually got to a better place and I decided to share the information that helped me and a bit of my experience.


My mission was clear – I wanted to help people become happier and live better lives. That was the whole reason why I wrote articles, posted on social media and continued to dive into the field of positive psychology.
But despite my knowledge and effort, I failed to reach more people and to truly help them. So in the last months, I struggled to decide what to do next. I often felt like abandoning this project altogether and starting something new. But since I still believe in the mission I started with, I have decided to give it one more try.


In the next months, I will make a few changes and experiment more with the type of content I create and the ways I try to help you. It may turn The Sunshine Review into something great and self-sustainable or it could be a failed experiment. Either way, I’ll do my best.


The main change

Here’s the main thing that will soon change. When I started talking about happiness, I did this more or less randomly. And this could be one of the reasons why I did not help you very much or manage to grow my audience. Reflecting on this, I realize that my random approach could be part of the problem.


I talked about happiness as if it were something independent of everything else. But happiness is connected with and influenced by every area of our lives: our jobs, our relationships, our daily lives. It is related to the way we make big decisions in life (such as getting married or starting a new career) and the way we make small decision in life (as what to do tonight or what food to order).


In an attempt to better make use of what I know and help you actually live a better life, I decided to organize my content. I will start talking about happiness in relation to big areas in our lives like work, friendships, health and so on.

I realize that every part of our lives can bring us great joy or make us suffer – without us realizing it. In each aspect, there are too many myths and too much time focused on things that will never make us happier. So I’ll do my best to tell you what you should focus on or avoid in every area of life.
Hopefully, by the time I have addressed every big part of life, you will have a much clearer picture about what it means to live a good, happy and meaningful life and how you can do that for yourself.


Can I count on you?

I don’t know if this is the first article you read or if you have been following my activity for months, but I want to say thank you! The fact that you are here, reading this now makes me feel that my effort might be worth it.
I hope that this new direction will better serve you and give you the information and tools you need to start living a better life – one with more meaning and lasting happiness, a life you deserve.


If you want to stick around and help me in this process, I want to ask you something. Since I sometimes wonder if I am actually helping you or not, please let me know if I do or not. Whenever you feel like it, give me feedback – leave a comment on the website, on Instagram, facebook or twitter or send me an email! If you do this, you will be helping me to create better content and ultimately help you more. So, if you want to, help me make The Sunshine Review better!


I am excited about the things I’ll be trying out. I hope you’ll be curious enough to stick around!

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